The Venue & concept of


Situated in a neoclassical house built by the British in the 1940s, our restaurant combines the neoclassical style with the urban elegance of our time. Interior architecture & designer, Christy Paphity, after all, wanted to connect the restaurant with the character of neoclassical Nicosia, “marrying” elements of the urban myth of Makarios Avenue with elements of its future.

Perfectly mixing urbanity and contemporaneity, it mingles elements of the past with trends of the future, KAMÁRA brings a fresh air in the iconic Makarios Avenue. A redefined version of an all-day venue, where staple foods are given a modern twist and the creative art of cocktail is being revived. KAMÁRA cultivates an environment of lifestyle, aesthetics, quality but also inspiration, since it has elements from all time classic brasserie and bar-restaurant of Europe. The city center enters a new era with the arrival of KAMÁRA.


At The Heart of Nicosia


Our food is genuinely inspired by the charm of the classic, incorporating influences from all around the world and exudes the limitless creativity of the chef. Our cuisine straddles both traditional and modern flavours, always enriched with healthy elements and a contemporary flair.

Artfully embodying the purest ingredients, the finest products are cooked in the most inspiring way. Enjoy a refined, creatively presented International cuisine with Mediterranean & Asian influences. A similar approach is followed behind the bar, featuring cocktails crafted with both classic & modern recipes, while our wine cellar is complete, diverse, and nicely structured with a wide variety of wine choices by the glass.


Food Is Important